Raising money for Theo

Theo is a six year old young man from Darwen who was diagnosed 18 months ago with Neuroblastoma. He attends nearby Feniscowles Primary School. His family had to raise £ 250,000 to send him to America for life saving treatment. Thankfully, Theo has now been given the all clear although he is still undergoing some intensive preventative treatment and on a strict course of medication, but it’s all looking pretty good.

A few Pleasington members decided to have regular Chuck-Ins throughout the cold winter months. Chris Davies (CD) was self appointed President and "chairman of the fines committee". Every other Saturday the lads turned up and Rob Allen arranged the format and draw for partners - the idea was to have a laugh and raise a few pounds for charity. Nick Pedley was given the task of collecting the monies & choose Theo as the charity.

Initially they aimed for £100 for the worthy cause and then Roger Davies kindly donated two signed England shirts. We had a nearest the pin content one day & one of the shirts was won by Callum Metcalfe. Callum kindly donated the shirt back & it was won by Rob Allen with the highest secret bid.

It then became clear that we had smashed the £100 target & a more realistic target of £500 was set. The fines were being given out, Christmas jumpers compulsory or more fines. The fines could be for anything from a bad shot, a stupid quote or simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only two rules were, only CD can issue fines & any complaints would simply result in the fines being doubled, so it take people long to learn to shut up and pay up.

In the New Year, Andy (The Legend͟) White announced he wouldn’t drink anymore alcohol until he lost 50 lbs in weight. The pledges for Andy came flooding in. Even though the monies have been presented to Theo, many members have yet to pay & Andy's plan is achieve his goal by July. So should anyone that hasn’t yet contributed & wants to, please collar Nick when you see him & he will gladly add your pledge/monies to the pot.

Finally, we ran a football card, the winner getting the other shirt signed by Gareth Southgate (England Football Manager) and it was won by Damian Tyzzer Smith, who then gave it to his very happy son Joe.

On Saturday 1st April, Theo, his Mum & his Grandad came to Pleasington for the presentation. He had a real good laugh in the simulator with Ste Malone of New Generation Golf, watch out Tiger, Theo is coming for you! The evening was attended by about 40 members with the wives & we were all thrilled to be able to present a cheque for £ 2,000 on behalf all of us at #TeamPGC.

A very heartfelt thank you to all those that helped in anyway, your support and generosity is greatly appreciated. At the end of the presentation, a very special gift & surprise to us all was announced.

Roger Davies announced that thanks to his girlfriend Heather & Thompson Airlines, Theo and his family  will  been  sent  to  see  Santa  at  Christmas  as well as  free  flights  to  America  for  his continued treatment.

Final thanks to Barney & the bar staff for the food & service on Saturday.

A top night to end a great laugh throughout Winter.