Health & Safety Information

We have been working closely with our Health & Safety advisors to ensure we provide a safe environment for Staff, Members and Guests.

A quick quiz question: name a sport other than golf where the maintenance of the playing field is conducted at the same time as the playing of the sport??

Amazing really (unless someone has thought of another sport in which case tell me!!), and as such we need to ensure that our staff (and Artisans) are working safely on the course. It would be appreciated if you could please keep in mind the following when next on the course:


Please be aware that on the course Greenkeepers have priority at all times.

You MUST NOT PLAY until a greenkeeper has acknowledged you, stepped aside and waved you through.

Please DO NOT assume that a member of the greens team will be able to hear and respond to shouts of “FORE!” whilst they work.  They may not be able to hear due to machinery noise, their use of ear defenders and the fact that they are concentrating on the job they are doing.

This priority rule is in place to protect staff against the risk of being hit by golf balls while they work, as one of several safety measures, including: 

  • Greenkeepers to ensure they are visible to other persons on the course
  • Traffic routes around the course have been planned to minimise operator exposure to golf balls.
  • Greenkeeping work is planned, where possible, to avoid it taking place when holes are in play.  This includes greens staff starting work at dawn, to try to get as much work as possible done before golfers begin.
  • Record of “near misses” is maintained and reported to the General Manager on a regular basis.

Wherever possible, Greenkeepers will move to one side, to allow golfers to play through.
However, there will be times when this will not be the case: -

  • Greenkeepers may not notice you, as they are concentrating on the task in hand.
  • Certain jobs cannot be interrupted.  For example, when spraying greens, the job must be continuous to ensure constant and complete coverage.
  • The job may be nearly finished or by holding you up once, the greenstaff will pull away from you and not disturb you again.


Finally, please shout “FORE!” even if a greenkeeper has waved you through, if you hit a ball in their direction.  Please do not assume that they have seen your ball and are aware it is flying towards them.

The Greenkeepers & Artisans thank you for your understanding and cooperation.